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While there was a lot of pressure on Ball to perform in L.A. since he was essentially a hometown player and his father, LaVar Ball, talked him up in a grandiose manner coming out of college at UCLA, Lonzo doesn't believe it contributed to his disappointing tenure with the Lakers: "Nah, nah, that wasn't too much pressure. That's what I was supposed to do. No. 2 pick, you're supposed to do a job—you're supposed to turn the franchise around. And I don't think I did it to the best of my abilities. I didn't live up to that standard. Now I'm here and I'm blessed to be here."



[–]Trail Blazers deville66 2205 指標 1 天前*

I've got to say I am really pulling for Lonzo. Getting away from his dad, taking control of his life... he just really seems "on it" right now. And it's a great thing to see. Esp. if your a Pac-12 basketball fan and saw all the talent he had coming out of school. Pairing Lonzo with Zion was really the best thing possible.


[–]Supersonics OtherShade 36 指標 1 天前

People are just impatient and expect players to be stars from day 1. A lot of great players took a few years to develop. Kobe, Kawhi, PG, Nash, Pippen, PG, Hayward, Dipo, Payton, and Lowry are a few that come to mind immediately. Zo is in the same mold as a lot of those guys who came in with other skills that guys like Wiggins and Rudy Gay never really develop such as rebounding, defense, playmaking, and general bbiq. I'd say scoring is the basketball skill we actually see players consistently struggle with then develop in their first few years. Especially since Zo's issue is more about health than ability. There's a reason Laker fans rave about him before he gets hurt and falls off.


[–]Trail Blazers dudeguymanbro69 573 指標 1 天前*

Same. I’m calling him as the MIP this season.


[–]Pelicans BigSnakeBlake 278 指標 1 天前

Completely agree, he has shown hella improvement in the preseason and I can’t wait to see what happens when he really turns it on


[–]Lakers LosOhmies 256 指標 1 天前

Glad to see that the Pels fanbase is loving Lonzo now.

The majority of the fanbase thought that Lonzo was absolute trash before the trade happened. Once you see him play though and you notice all the little things he does to help a team win, its hard not to fall in love with him.



[–]Trail Blazers dudeguymanbro69 82 指標 1 天前

Exactly. I’m a Blazer fan so the petty part of my fanship was ready to gloat in him being a bust, but watching the games you see both what he currently brings alongside the potential if he can develop more scoring skills. Amazing passer and above average defender.


[–]Lakers Ricoh06 53 指標 1 天前

Honestly wasnt far off all defensive teams last year.


[–][WAS] Antawn Jamison KarimTheDream10 32 指標 1 天前

Him and Jrue are going to be causing guards a lot of trouble!


[–]Trail Blazers dudeguymanbro69 8 指標 1 天前

That’s a spooky defensive back court


[–]Warriors Iron_Chic 25 指標 1 天前

He really seems humbled. I hope he does well in NO.


[–]Knicks johnhenryirons 58 指標 1 天前

I never really thought of him as super cocky though. I'm excited to see the Pels this season. They have a sneaky good roster.


[–]Warriors Iron_Chic 11 指標 1 天前

That's true, but he had no voice. Glad to hear him say that he knows he hasn't lived up to expectations



[–]Lakers reversebayleycanrana 156 指標 1 天前

It's still funny to me that dude was getting shit on for not getting into fights lol


[–]Black Robiiin 97 指標 1 天前

He was getting shit on for breathing

He always held his head down and played the game

He was always incredibly self aware and welcomed criticism, people were looking for so many excuses to hate him and they couldn't find a single one




[–]Mavericks YOLOSELLHIGH 10 指標 1 天前

I really didn't want to like him with the media circus, but it was impossible. He became one of the most likable players in the league to me. I wish he would learn to shoot and become a force.


[–]datway_ 1445 指標 1 天前

The pairing of Lonzo with Zion is gonna be so nice, already seeing it work well in the preseason.


[–]Knicks Saucy_Totchie 48 指標 1 天前

I feel like people are under rating or not really paying much mind to the Lonzo × Zion combo. Like Zion will get so much better looks with a good passer like Lonzo. Well at least get like 2-3 lobs a game.


[–]Lakers chad12341296 26 指標 1 天前

I wonder if this is going to end up with Zion putting up insane stats with a lot of help from Lonzo but Lonzo gets no credit because Zion was so hyped coming in.


[–]Knicks starks3_ 43 指標 1 天前

I think especially since parting ways with his dad, a lot of people are hyped for a Lonzo redemption arc


[–]Lakers chad12341296 22 指標 1 天前

I hope it happens Lonzo is a good dude and he’s a guy I’d love to see flourish


[–]Pelicans Good_NewsEveryone 689 指標 1 天前

He has 8 assists to Zion alone in the 2 games


[–][LAL] Didier Ilunga-Mbengahonditar 353 指標 1 天前

He can average that per game. Damn im hyped for yall


[–]Lakers Theingloriousak2 349 指標 1 天前

Along with 4 points 2 steals and 8 boards


[–][LAL] Smush Parkerrburp 234 指標 1 天前

PG Draymond


[–]Hornets RJacobson11 63 指標 1 天前

more like New Age Rondo


[–]Celtics IJustGotRektSon 180 指標 1 天前

Triple single machine


[–]SuicideForDoggie 48 指標 1 天前

And shooting 30 percent from the field.


[–]Lakers signmeupdude 63 指標 1 天前

And 50 perfect from the line. I love Lonzo but no matter how many lobs he throws to zion or how many mature answers he gives the media, he wont last long in this league if he continues to be a piss poor shooter.

I said the same thing while he was on my Lakers so dont think im just hating now that he’s gone.



[–]Pesty Bandit13 83 指標 1 天前

There will be always be a role for players that play his level of defense and create offense for teammates the way he does. It may not be as a starter if he fails to learn to shoot like you said, but he'll have a role for as long as he can do those things.


[–]Pelicans SaintsBeatEagles 19 指標 1 天前

Tim Frazier (just giving a random PG who can’t shoot) lasted fairly long in this league, Rondo as well. Shooting isn’t a requirement if you’re good at other things.

And now I’m defending Lonzo.... I feel like a Lakers fan. Gross



[–][CLE] Kyrie Irving KKamm_ 31 指標 1 天前

I really think the Pels are gonna be a ton of fun to watch. Ingram has felt like he has had potential for a few years now, just never able to capitalize. If Lonzo and Zion can stay healthy that’s a pretty nice and young starting group. Josh Hart is a pretty likable guy too.


[–]Lakers chad12341296 32 指標 1 天前

As much as I love Ingram if the Zion/Lonzo connection ends up being legit he might be the odd man out. From what I’ve seen in game and in lineup ratings he and Lonzo have never really worked well together.


[–]Pelicans Good_NewsEveryone 11 指標 1 天前

Ingram has definitely had the roughest go so far. Lonzo has plugged right in. Which was fairly predictable honestly. I don’t think I’ve been as discouraged by Ingram as others, though maybe I’ve started lower on him. The up and down ball movement offense is great but they will need guys who can create in the half court when things slow down, and he can do that (whether he can do that well enough to really warrant a big pay day and high usage is the burning question). On the bright-side he’s been getting to the basket more and cutting down on the mid range attempts which is nice to see. Clearly we’ve got to give him more than 2 preseason games to really evaluate where he stands though.


[–]WildYams 7 指標 1 天前

A word of caution on Ingram: he always starts the year off slow, so don't be too down on him if that happens. The guy always comes on strong in the second half of the year, so just be patient with him, especially after what he went through this year.



[–]76ers efranklin13 2942 指標 1 天前

Magic did say his name was gonna be in the rafters


[–]Raptors DrunkenMasterII 88 指標 1 天前

Magic said a lot of things.


[–]NBA MiaTanahashiMalkova 1823 指標 1 天前

"Just try not to break all my records" smh


[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant nini1423 1416 指標 1 天前

That was funny then and hilarious now lol


[–]Warriors redditnathaniel 23 指標 1 天前

Hey that makes two of them: Both no longer with the franchise


[–]Yoshi122 4473 指標 1 天前

For a guy that is Lonzo Ball's dad's son he really knows the perfect thing to say at almost every moment. Always knows the right thing to say for interviews


[–]rizkybizness 22 指標 1 天前

Lonzo Ball's dad's son




[–]Lakers NotClayMerritt 11 指標 1 天前

The dude is so humble and has his head on straight and yet so many people in this sub was shitting on him and reveling in his failures at any opportunity. Mainly because of who his dad is.


[–]Lakers yungtatha 47 指標 1 天前

I seriously wonder how he turned out so humble and level headed despite having an egomaniacal nutcase for a dad. Did he get it from his mom or something?


[–]Celtics looseboy 10 指標 1 天前

I think he looked at Lamelo Ball's dad and said "I'll learn to never be like that"


[–]NBA citizenzac 1259 指標 1 天前

Watching someone you love, specifically parents, fuck up has a prolific effect on some people. I was raised by drug addicts and I won't even drink beer because of it.


[–]Wizards Weall23 485 指標 1 天前



[–]movieking 18 指標 1 天前

Totally true. My father was an alcoholic and used to beat his wife and while he never hit my sister, he did hit me. I’m as far from him as a person can be. Those type of people give you a roadmap of where you don’t want to end up.


[–]Devmax1868 21 指標 1 天前

I was raised by crazy religious parents who tried their best to brain wash and when that didn't work, beat me and used fear to keep me in the fold.

Every day is a new opportunity to prove they were failures by being better than them. Keep being the best you my dude!



[–]Virge23 468 指標 1 天前

Nah, a real man would do all the drugs just to prove he's better than addiction. /S


[–]Warriors abothanspy 464 指標 1 天前

Mamba Mentality


[–]Rockets GetBuckets13 57 指標 1 天前

Ganja Mentality


[–]Lakers Titanosaurus 64 指標 1 天前

Anger for me. Love my dad to death, but even he doesn't know how to react except anger.


[–]punyweakling 24 指標 1 天前

That's tough man. You're not alone at least, a lot of people have grow up with very angry parents. Do your best to turn it around if you have kids.



[–][PHI] Joel Embiid lardbiscuits 263 指標 1 天前

That's remarkably self-aware.


[–]West statejudge 152 指標 1 天前

Lonzo's always been pretty self-aware


[–]Lakers rawchess 56 指標 1 天前

Having the spotlight on him at an early age with a legendary narcissist for a father meant that he had to be.


[–]Ghiblee 137 指標 1 天前

His dad did everything in his power to make me dislike Lonzo. I’m glad it didn’t work. Wishing this kid the best.


[–]Raptors Earthboundd 26 指標 1 天前

My mom used to say that a mark of a good person is whether or not their children are nice and well behaved... that bitch was wrong.


[–]Pistons max_ballard 48 指標 1 天前*

Tina Ball must be a saint. Thats the only explanation that can explain how Lonzo is such a respectable person compared to his Dad.


[–]Ethank_ta 67 指標 1 天前

I can't believe that I'm actually a fan of Lonzo. I didnt see this coming!

I respect how self aware he is, and I'd even say he is being too hard on himself.

I hope the Pelicans do well this year, should be fun to watch.




[–]Kings thenudelman 25 指標 1 天前

As a long time Lonzo hype train passenger it sucked seeing people take shots at him for his Dad's actions. Glad it's finally turned around and people are on his side, he's a great kid and a hard worker. Now that Lonzo is out of LA he has a great chance to get his confidence back, get healthy, and ball the fuck out


[–]Lakers drawsnoodz999 90 指標 1 天前

I believe in Zo. It’s just unfortunate he didn’t have full seasons the two years he was here, if he did we might’ve sneaked into that 8th seed last season. Hopefully he’ll be healthier in Nola.


[–]Pelicans TheCoco 31 指標 1 天前

In years prior I would be extremely worried given his injury history. But they hired Aaron Nelson from the Suns and put heavy emphasis on health. I’m cautiously optimistic.


[–]Suns Grooviemann1 11 指標 1 天前

Wow, I had no idea. Sounds weird to say but picking up our trainer might be the single best off season acquisition any team had this year. He has been the backbone of our organization for a very long time.


[–]atlfirsttimer 184 指標 1 天前

Honesty if he can just improve his free throws I think his game will open up so much. He refuses to attack and score


[–]DJC949 25 指標 1 天前

Definitely agree, that’s the key to helping him open up the rest of his arsenal offensively.

He was really frustrating at times to watch as a Lakers fan. He’s big for his position, and plenty athletic enough to play above the rim. Just so hesitant to drive and draw contact cuz he can’t shoot free throws. You get a lot of single digit scoring games from him that could’ve easily been 12-15 points if he’d attack the rim.



[–]Celtics Iwaspromisedcake1 13 指標 1 天前

All of his flaws are things that can be improved with time. What you can't teach is great hustle, vision, and BBIQ, and he's got all that.


[–]FoodStampsBaby 586 指標 1 天前

Him, ingram, and randle are the only players not butthurt by getting traded


[–]Raptors tkbchimyjr18 25 指標 1 天前

Oh word? What did Ingram say? Just realized I never heard his reaction to the trade...for his profile, he's one of the most low-key dudes in the league


[–]FoodStampsBaby 52 指標 1 天前

Ingram hasnt said anything. Ingram is all business and not a drama queen like most players in the league


[–]rahulpresentskobe 13 指標 1 天前

Randle wanted out if I'm not mistaken


[–]Lakers secretreddname 36 指標 1 天前

He wanted a long term contract. When it was clear that was not the direction the Lakers wanted to go he was ready to leave.


[–]Lakers chad12341296 377 指標 1 天前

DLo was fine too if you’re talking about all the young Lakers, really only one to get shitty was Hart.


[–]Lakers kfreud 288 指標 1 天前

Funny because he’s the worst player out of that group too


[–]Lakers signmeupdude 66 指標 1 天前

And nance and clarkson

Really it was only Hart that complained. Zubac’s situation was blown out of proportion.



[–][LAL] LeBron James The_Brown_Jesus 14 指標 1 天前

Nance was really happy going to Cleveland





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